College is a very exciting milestone in my life. Currently, I enjoy being part of the Editorial Committee as an Essay Writer and Creative Writer, writing anything under the sun that I think would be beneficial for College students like me.

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Here is one article I have written to share some awesome tips to guide us in our College life. These tips would also be beneficial for other essay writers and creative writers who are also students. The following tips are based on my personal experience as a student who is trying to balance studies, work and life.

Set a Goal

Have an end in mind. A goal gives clear directions and is one of the best ways to accomplish tasks and assignments. Planning is the very first step in doing and accomplishing anything. Set short-term and long-term goals and objectives and never forget to enjoy and celebrate even small victories or accomplishments.


Stay Organized

Clear your mind first before starting to do anything. Work within your timeframe and schedules. Have a to-do list that comes handy. Monitor and review your list in the morning and in the evening. Learn to prioritize all the important things first. Never forget to enjoy everything you do while staying organized. Learning can still be fun! It is just a matter of having the right attitude and perspectives.


Consider Work-Study-Life Balance

For those who still have a part-time job while studying. I understand very well what you are going through. Still you have to consider balance in every aspect of life. Maintain a social life. Enjoy life while staying focused on your goals. You’ll have more energy when you enjoy what you do. Have a definite plan and schedules for your tasks.


In my case as a creative writer and essay writer, I only devote number of hours in a week to work on my tasks. Then, I also allocate time for my family and friends. I also set my schedules for assignments, studies and projects. Sometimes, it can really be challenging but time management and prioritization matter a lot.

Stay Focused

Sometimes, we wanted to do everything right away and multitask. It doesn’t work that way. What I could recommend is to focus first on one assignment or task, then finish it before heading to another task on your to do list. Staying focused saves you time and energy.


Embrace Change and Expect to Succeed

Be open to challenges and have the right attitude to overcome any obstacle that may come your way. Always carry a very positive outlook in life and believe that all things work for good. After having a plan, act on the plan, review and re-evaluate the plans.


Most importantly, we must always remember that time is something we can never get back. So let’s make the most out of our College life and years. To my creative writers and essay writers who are always pushing and working on your deadlines, breathe. Life gets better when we smile. Work-Study-Life Balanc

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